Monday, 5 February 2018

Continuing the Brotherhood and Weekender thoughts

It’s been a sparse hobby week this week, then a busy weekend of craft fairs and zoo visits hasn’t lent a lot of time to doing hobby things.
I did, however, get the remaining 15 Squats for the Infantry Platoon built and primed.
Not very impressive I know but proof I did something!

 I did start painting them but the progress isn’t really worth showing yet.  I decided in the end to prep them all and get them painted without their pistols and then I can paint and add the guns on as and when I can get hold of them.
I haven’t been entirely idle though and I thought I’d show a bit of what I’m working on behind the scenes for these guys:

I’m working on a background book/pdf.  I’ve been furiously squirrelling away all the information I can find on the Squats background and I’m in the process of trying to bring their fluff up to date.  When I started this I hadn’t realised how difficult that was going to be, it’s a lot harder rewriting/adapting someone else’s work than it is to write your own and that surprised me.  All the units are going to fit in to the Militia list with the exception of the last few:
Anything with [] around them I haven't decided on names for.
I’m going to attempt to create apocalypse data sheets for the Colossus, Cyclops, Leviathan and Land Train.  I’ve seen a few that people have made for the Leviathan and one for the Colossus, but they are definitely made with the Imperial Guard in mind and I what a definite Squat feel to these.  I am considering dropping the Land Train from the list though, I don’t know, I’m struggling with it a bit.
Moving on though, I’m excited!  It was the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender this weekend, and although I couldn’t be there myself I have been living vicariously through some of the other blogs that did have people in attendance, mostly Recalcitrant Daze and Battle Bunnies (both excellent blogs that you should check out) who I have totally stolen these pics from.
There has been some awesome stuff previewed and available at the event and a few things in particular that have caught my eye.
First, and most obviously, the Squat Bounty Hunter for Necromunda, GW gave a sneak peak of this on Friday(as well as showing they are aware that people want plastic SOB and Thunderhawks) but people got to see the mini in the flesh… err, resin, at the show. 
I don't remember the old Squats having quite so big bears though?  Meh, I still love it!
I have to say it looks amazing, I fully intend to pick one up, he’s probably not going to fit in aesthetically with my army but I certainly want to just paint him up.  He definitely has the retro squat look going on.  Who knows though, I’ve heard the reaction to him has been overwhelming on social media so maybe GW will take the hint and we’ll get a new faction.
One of the other things that really made me go ooooh, was the Termite.

I’m not sure what the rules are going to be for this, I’ve seen conflicting reports going from it being Legion only to it being available for all forces and everywhere in between.  If it is legion only though, perhaps Forgeworld would be kind enough to FAQ Survivors of the Dark Age to allow its use alongside Rhinos and Land Raiders?

The Aurox is an interesting little kit,  I’ve seen people describing it as a prototype Chimera for the Solar Auxila and Militia but I’m not sure,  I get more of a Dracosan vibe from it. 

Perhaps the idea is it’s the step between a Dracosan and a Chimera?  I don’t know, I like it though, and if it is available for Militia it fills the much needed transport gap between a 40 man Gorgon and 12 man Arvus, I like the idea of the Arvus but it’s got paper armour and rubbish guns so if you put your command section in there it’s going to get blown out of the sky!
The Final interesting thing is the Ordinatus Mole.

With it being an Ordinatus I suspect it will only be available to the Mechanicum, which makes me sad.  I’ll still get one even if I can’t use it!  (with me squats anyway, my Taghmata force might get some use out of it though). 
Hopefully I’ll get these last 15 Brotherhood Warriors painted this week and I can actually post a meaningful update!
Until next time!